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Sustainable Living Products

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Sustainable Living Products

'Shop Local' for locally made Sustainable Living Products.


Shop Local' for locally made Sustainable Living Products.

Hand Made For You

Shop here to reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy goods made with love and skill by our team of volunteers. Items for sale give new life to materials donated to Sustainable Papakura. Some items are designed to help you reduce waste and to make Sustainable Living  simple and efficient.

Your custom contributes to Sustainable Papakura’s operational costs.

Purchase and Pick-up

 Products shown below may be ordered and paid for online. Contactless Pick-up will be available in Papakura by arrangement, see enquiry form below. 

Product Range and Availability

 To avoid disappointment, please understand that our products are made in very small runs  from materials available at the time; they  are therefore unique and only small stocks are available. 

Product Quality Assurance

Products are upcycled by our volunteers from repurposed materials. Every effort is made to ensure these materials are of durable quality. Should your product prove faulty within 30 days of purchase please contact us for repair or replacement.

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