Welcome to our Base 

47 O'Shannessey St Papakura

An exciting creative space where all sorts of resources get re-used in amazing ways


The Base serves as a community eco-resource centre for learning activities and projects. It also provides storage for resources and equipment, is a transit point for hard to recycle items and demonstrates sustainable living practices. Here plants filter the air and our worm farm processes scraps and supplies fertilizer for our plants. Watch for our changing window displays as well.

    What Happens Here?

Working Bees for delivery of projects like Awhio Mai Peke, Creators, and Urban Edibles are held here as well as Sustainable Living Workshops. You can also purchase from our Sustainable Shop.

At the Base you will find information displays and people you can talk to about reducing waste and living lightly on this earth. You will see upcycled products for sale and display, and clever craft ideas. You can share your curly questions with others who are also on the Sustainable Living journey.

You can drop off hard to recycle items at our Collection Point.